The Cincy Flames Family would like to take time to honor and thank Coach Jason Campbell! -

The Cincy Flames would like to take some time to thank Coach Campbell for all he has done for not only his team, but for the organization and his extended Flames Family! Coach Campbell started in the organization as a 7U coach, and has remained a centerpiece for the Flames Family since! I can only imagine how hard it was to hand his boys off to Coaches Rice and Hatfield, and knowing Coach Campbell like I do, I am sure it was a difficult decision. The boys have always been in great hands, and  he knows they will be with their new coaches as well. Just know Jason that the Flames Nation has your back and will send love your way my friend! THANK YOU so much for the blood, sweat and YEARS you have sacrificed for not only your boys and families, but to the organization as well..We are so grateful! You ARE an amazing coach, leader of men and an amazing person..He is a Cincy Flame to his core..Thank you Coach!